SymGym Hardware

The SymGym system contains two main hardware components, the Game Controller and Game Unit.

SymGym Game Controller

Symgym Game Controller

Game Controller

The SymGym Game Controller (controller) has two foot pedals and two arm levers which control game actions. The foot pedals and arm bars are completely independent allowing foot motions such as running or jumping, and arm motions such as punching, swinging, or ducking. The Master Control Program sends messages to the game with the current pedal and arm positions, and the game can send messages to the Master Control Program (MCP) to set the resistance of the arm levers and pedals.

In addition to the pedals and arm levers there are six (6) buttons, 3 on each arm lever control stick, that can be used to control game actions.

In this document, the individual control elements are referred to as follows:

  • Left leg
  • Right leg

  • Left arm
  • Right arm

  • Left stick trigger button
  • Left stick left button
  • Left stick right button

  • Right stick trigger button
  • Right stick left button
  • Right stick right button

Control Stick Trigger Button Control Stick Trigger Button

Control Stick Left and Right Buttons Control Stick Left and Right Buttons

Bluetooth Connectivity

The controller connects wirelessly via built-in Blueotooth interface to the Game Unit. The connection is bi-directional: the controller reports its status 50 times a second and the Game Unit sends resistance settings to the controller as directed by a game currently running.

Game Unit

The game unit is a computer running Android operating system.

MINIX NEO U9-H device

SymGym system ships with a Minix NEO U9-H media hub box, but any comparable computer will suffice. The requirements for the game computer are:

  • Android support for API level 23 revision 3 (v.6.0, Marshmallow)
  • Bluetooth interface

The games for SymGym have to be developed for or ported to this or a comparable game unit running the Android operating system.