Software Setup

In order to start developing for SymGym, install the following software components:

Component File name Installed on
Master Control Program (MCP) mcp-X.Y.Z-release.apk Game unit
SymGym API symgym_api-X.Y.Z-release.aar Development computer
Simulator sgsimulator-X.Y.Z-release.apk Hand-held Android device

After installing, perform the following setup steps:

  1. Pair the Bluetooth connection between the game unit and the SymGym controller or simulator device.
  2. Start the MCP on the game unit.
  3. Go to MCP’s preferences screen and set SymGym prefix string: it should be “Sy” for the real SymGym controller or first couple of letters of the name of the device running the simulator, e.g. “Ga” for a “Galaxy 10” device.
  4. Restart the MCP. The status bar should show the name of the connected SymGym device.
  5. Start the simulator on a hand-held device.
  6. Start the game on the game unit. The API will initialize and connect to MCP.

That’s it! After the iniital setup, the above programs can be stopped and started in any order, connections will be automatically re-established.