SymGym is a unique platform that adds the excitement, the anticipation, the challenges, the surprise, the fun back to exercise. The creators took the motivational and fun parts of playing video games, combined them with real resistance-based exercise, and added online challenges and social interaction to build a completely new and different path to fitness.

We want you to be a part of our gaming revolution. You can be at the forefront of our exciting new exercise technology. We’re looking for games that take advantage of SymGym’s unique resistance-based game movements, but the game concept and design is up to you.

We provide an API to port games, a simulator for Android tablets, and the guidance necessary to launch your game.

SymGym encompasses three key features:

Resistance-based Game Controller

SymGym is a video game controller where players use their hands, feet, arms and legs to control gameplay. While the player controls the game, the SymGym platform sends dynamic resistance to each arm bar and foot pedals, that’s four independent movements! This resistance is based on game play, activity level and beyond, to incorporate a serious full body workout.

Social Interaction

Multiplayer mode and leaderboards bring friends and competitors together for an interactive gaming experience.

Game Dashboard

A game dashboard allows players access to exciting, new games mapped to SymGym’s unique resistance-based movements, where players can truly feel immersed in their game environment. These features combined make SymGym a truly unique gaming and exercise experience that will bring game playing to a new level.