SymGym Software

The software environment for SymGym contains three components:

  • SymGym Master Control Program
  • SymGym Game API
  • SymGym Simulator

Master Control Program

The SymGym Master Control Program (MCP, for short) is shipped pre-installed on the game unit bundled with the SymGym controller. It can also be obtained independently from either the Google Play store or SymGym download site.

The MCP provides the following functions:

  • Connects the game unit to the controller.
  • Authenticates users.
  • Shows the list of installed games.
  • Provides a game API for the controller.
  • Reports game playing statistics to the global SymGym servers for competitions, payments, and the like.

SymGym Game API

The API is responsible for the game-side of the interaction with SymGym. It is a simple library (.aar file) that is included in your application build and distributed with your game. It can be obtained from SymGym download site. Distribution from jCenter and Maven Central is planned for the near future.

SymGym Simulator

SymGym Simulator screen shot

The simulator is a stand-alone Android program that pretends to be a SymGym controller. Moving the touch screen sliders in the simulator will generate Bluetooth messages to the game unit, simulating controller movments. Buttons on the touch screen will sent button presses to the game unit.

It can be installed on any device that runs Android level 14 (v.4.0, Ice-cream sandwich) or later.